About the Editors

Jane Haertel was that kid in English class you probably hated. You know, the one who could diagram sentences, never missed a word on her spelling tests, and understood the subjunctive tense.  She always thought that knowledge was useless–until she started hanging out with writers and became one herself.

Jane has edited dozens of novels, short stories, and novellas in many genres: romance, erotica, urban fantasy, middle grade, young adult, and new adult. She’s also worked on several nonfiction projects. Clients include USA Today Best Seller Stephanie Queen, New York Times Best Seller Ana E. Ross, Amazon Best Selling Author Chelsea Bellingeri, Jamie K. Schmidt, PJ Sharon, Katy Lee, Joy Smith, Jordan K. Rose, and J Monkeys.

She specializes in Romance of any shade and most any scenario, from erotica to sweet, as well as Young Adult and New Adult.

Feta Attraction CoverWhether you need assistance with grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, agreement, tense, or sentence structure, checks for consistency and logic, or identification of loose plot threads and character problems, Jane would love to work with you. Her mission is to enable authors to make their manuscripts the best they can be while respecting each author’s voice and intentions. She considers it a great privilege to be part of the process that puts wonderful stories out into the world.

Writing as Susannah Hardy, Jane’s first novel, FETA ATTRACTION, will release January 6, 2015 from Berkley Prime Crime. FETA ATTRACTION is the first book of the Greek to Me Mysteries. Visit Jane at www.secretsof7scribes.wordpress.com, and www.susannahhardy.com.


 Andy Adams has a superpower. He goes out as his alter-ego The Human Dictionary correcting spelling and righting written wrongs. Like Jane, he was ostracized for his superpowers, which drove him to attempt world domination, but that never did pan out.

He has extensive experience from teaching English composition as an adjunct at Phoenix College for six years and five years of tutoring experience at Phoenix College and Arizona State University prior to teaching. Like you, he’s also a writer working his way towards being published in various fiction genres, and he’s even taught classes and run creative writing workshops.
In fiction he’s well read and familiar with the conventions of mysteries and thrillers and all varieties of science fiction and fantasy. Through his education and experience, he has expertise in literature, history, and political science, and strong interests in science and technology. After years of tutoring Ph.D. candidates, in engineering, computer science, microbiology, and other areas, he’s comfortable with nearly any nonfiction subject.

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