About the Editor

Jane Haertel was that kid in English class you probably hated. You know, the one who could diagram sentences, never missed a word on her spelling tests, and understood the subjunctive tense.  She always thought that knowledge was useless–until she started hanging out with writers and became one herself.

Over the last dozen years, Jane has worked for individuals on the indie path as well as for a traditional book-club publisher. She has edited nearly 300 novels, short stories, and novellas in many genres, as well as  nonfiction projects. Clients include USA Today, New York Times, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon bestsellers. She also writes mystery novels under the pen names Susannah Hardy and Sadie Hartwell.

Her mission is to enable authors to make their manuscripts the best they can be while respecting each author’s voice and intentions. She considers it a great privilege to be part of the process that puts wonderful stories out into the world.