Here are testimonials (I’m blushing!) from some of my clients:

When I switched editors to Jane H, I realized what I’d been missing! Expert, fast, reliable, thorough editing–and all at a reasonable cost! Flexible and easy to work with, Jane has made a real difference in my final products. In fact, I give Jane a lot of credit for the recent IDA (International Digital Award) win for Playing the Game. She helped me get that story to the next level–the award-winning level!”  
~Stephanie Queen, USA Today Best Selling Author
 Working with Jane on my book, Loving Hart, was a phenomenal experience.  She is kind, personable and most importantly, very knowledgeable.  Her line notes and edits were beyond helpful.  

Working with Jane, I found out that some of the words that I was using were unnecessary or superfluous.  I was overwriting, and that one critical piece of knowledge has changed the way I write for the better. I had been worried about what working with an editor would entail, but she made the experience something that I really enjoyed.  Not all editors are able to find an Author’s unique ‘voice’ and help them sculpt their story without losing it, but Jane did just that.  Her editing skills were invaluable and the end result is something that I’m extremely proud of.  

I can’t say enough how top-notch Jane is.  I give her my highest recommendation and look forward to working with her for many books to come.

~Ella Fox, Amazon Best Selling Author
In early 2013 I decided to self-publish the first book in The Eva Prim Series. I asked around my RWA chapters for suggestions for editing and proofreading services. Jane’s name came up several times. And now I know why. She’s professional and timely and has made great catches within my work, never once compromising my voice. I’ve used the proofreading services at Crazy Diamond Editing for the entire Eva Prim series and just made arrangements to have Jane proofread my upcoming book Black Magic Rose. I’m very pleased with her work and I can’t recommend her enough.
~Jordan K. Rose, Author
I was fortunate to have Jane Haertel edit the first book in my Billionaire Brides series: The Doctor’s Secret Bride.  It was my real debut into Independent Publishing so I wasn’t sure what to expect when a friend recommended her to me.  Jane’s friendly attitude, her patience, and expertise helped put me at ease. Her keen eye for catching typos and grammatical errors were exceptional.  What I most appreciated, though, were her suggestions about plotting, and character development. Because of her knowledge and writing skills, I was able to release a book that has put me on Amazon’s Bestsellers’ list time and time again. I highly recommend Jane Haertel as an editor!
~Ana E Ross, New York Times Best Selling Author
As a freelance editor myself, I know the value in finding a quality editor and I’m a hard customer to please. Jane at Crazy Diamond not only provided me with an exceptional edit delivered in a timely manner, she suggested new scenes that improved the plot line, closed tiny loopholes I’d missed, and enhanced characterization. I was so thrilled with the final product, I changed the story’s direction and created a bigger, better book than I had imagined. I am so grateful Jane pushed me to think outside my too-comfortable box!
~Gina Ardito, Author and Freelance Editor

 I loved working with Jane.  She was efficient and effective.  I practically did a happy dance when I read her edits and comments.  She made my novel that much better.  Jane helped me dig deeper into my characters’ heads by providing an entirely fresh perspective.  Her input was invaluable and her comments were encouraging (and even funny at times).  I’ve absolutely found my new go-to editor!  My only regret is that I wish that I had found Jane years ago!

~Chelsea Bellingeri, Amazon Best Seller

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